Membership Information

The General Membership of the Association shall be comprised of all members regardless of type of membership. Membership in the Association shall be of two (2) types: "Regular" membership and "Associate" membership.

"Regular" membership shall be restricted to those officials currently employed by and active in publicly-funded law enforcement, and or, fire investigation positions whose duties regularly include the investigation, determination and prosecution of arson and/or arson-related crimes.

"Associate" membership shall be restricted to private individuals whose duties regularly include the investigation and determination of fire origin and cause.

All persons seeking membership shall submit an Application for Membership to the Board of Directors. Membership shall be granted upon approval of majority of a quorum of the Board of Directors. The type of membership to be granted an applicant shall be at the exclusive discretion of the Board of Directors and upon approval by a majority of the voting members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be responsible to ensure that those individuals granted membership constitute individuals who may best serve the Objectives of the Association.

No person shall be eligible for membership if such person has served or presently serves as a member of a subversive organization listed with the United States Attorney General. Any current Association member or pending applicant who becomes a member of such organization shall immediately forfeit such Association membership and eligibility for membership indefinitely. All applicants for membership shall provide any additional information as may be necessary for the Board of Directors to determine whether to confer membership.